There are a few common problems people have when using this site. Here we list some of them.

Can't log in

Edits don't seem to take effect

Sometimes when you make a change the edit doesn't seem to have happened. It may be that your browser has "cached" the page - remembered it from last time - and not realised that it may have changed and needs to be re-fetched.

There is a button on your browser to "refresh" the page. Try that.

Page locked

Sometimes when you try to edit a page you will get this message:
Page Name is locked until Some Date And Time

This indicates that someone else has the page open for editing, and they have been granted exclusive access until either they save their edits, or the time limit has elapsed. Note that the time shown is the time on the web server, and will not usually be exactly the same as the time where you are.

See EditConflictResolution for more information.

Edit conflict

Sometimes when you attempt to save a change you will get this message:
Your edit has not been saved
because the page has been changed.
Use your browser's "back" button
to recover your text.

This happens if someone else edits the page before you get to save your changes. Currently it also happens if you make a change, then go back to the edit page and try to make another save without reloading.

This is a bit technical, but you can avoid the problem if every time you edit a page, you hit the browser's "Reload" button. We're currently working on making this a non-problem.

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