I'm interested in suggestions as to how to curate this, and make it easier for people to find a good suggestion for them.

So ... how to arrange this?

Here I want to collect a list of suggested reading for people interested in maths. Part of the problem is that there are books about maths, and books to learn maths, and books to learn about maths, etc.

You might want to look at Random Reading Suggestion, but to start, here are some books, in no particular order:

Title Author Suggested by Comment
Numbers: rational and irrational Ivan Niven Adam Atkinson
17 Equations the Changed the World @JoatStewart
(Ian Stewart)
The Book of Numbers John Horton Conway and Richard Guy @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Great Mathematical Problems @JoatStewart
(Ian Stewart)
(Tom Button)
The Theory That Would Not Die Sharon Bertsch McGrayne @IceColBeveridge
Fermat's Last Theorem @SLSingh @johng225
(Tom Button)
Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans Charles H Kahn @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
A History of π Petr Beckmann
An Imaginary Tale Paul Nahin
Humble Pie @StandUpMaths
(Matt Parker)
In search of infinity Vilenkin @RobJLow
Mathematical Puzzles And Diversions Martin Gardner @ColinTheMathmo
Beating the Odds Rob Eastaway & John Haigh @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Prime Obsession John Derbyshire
Math with Bad Drawings Ben Orlin @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Beyond Numeracy ?? @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Housekeeper And The Professor Yoko Ogawa @mathstechnology
(Tom Button)
Logicomix Alecos Papadatos, Apostolos Doxiadis, and Christos Papadimitriou @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Art of Logic @DrEugeniaCheng
Hello World @FryRsquared
(Hannah Fry)
Letters to a Mathematician @JoatStewart
(Ian Stewart)
On Numbers And Games John Horton Conway @PaulsPrattle
The Big Bang Simon Singh @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Genius James Gleick @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans @MelMitchell1
(Melanie Mitchell)
The Princeton Companion to Mathematics @wtgowers
(Tim Gowers)
Math From 3 to 7 Alexander Zvonkin @ccppurcell@mathstodon.xyz Probably for parents and educators
Mathematics + Art: A cultural History Lynn Gamwell @PaulsPrattle
Concepts of Modern Mathematics @JoatStewart
(Ian Stewart)
The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage @SydneyPadua @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Understanding Analysis Stephen Abbot @rnather@mathstodon.xyz Helpful for its very illuminating use of examples
The Ultimate Mathematical Challenge UKMT
The King of Infinite Space Siobhan Roberts @PaulsPrattle
1089 and All That David Acheson @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Islamic Geometric Patterns Eric Broug @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Code Book @SLSingh @ColinTheMathmo
(Tom Button)
The Millennium Problems Keith Devlin @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Mathematics for Human Flourishing @mathyawp
(Francis Su)
Infinite Powers Steven @Strogatz @RobJLow
(Tom Button)
Imagining Numbers Barry Mazur
Gallery of the Infinite Rich Schwartz @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
Maths on the Back of an Envelope @RobEastaway @last_centurion
Foolproof Brian Hayes @IceColBeveridge
Chaos James Gleick @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Symmetries of Things Goodman-Strauss, Burgiel, and John Horton Conway @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
Feynman Ottavianni & Myrick @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Elementary Number Theory: A Problem Oriented Approach Joe Roberts @kimreece@mathstodon.xyz Doesn't require a lot of background, the puzzles are actually fun, and the thing's just plain pretty
Tales of Impossibility @divbyzero
(Dave Richeson)
Cracking Mathematics @IceColBeveridge
(Colin Beveridge)
Art of the Infinite Robert Kaplan
& Ellen Kaplan
How to Think Like a Mathematician @k_houston_math
(Kevin Houston)
Journey Through Genius William Dunham
A Companion to Analysis Tom Körner Adam Atkinson
Weapons of Math Destruction @mathbabedotorg
(Cathy O'Neil)
Indra's Pearls Mumford, Series, and Wright @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
Alex's Adventures in Numberland @AlexBellos @ColinTheMathmo
(Tom Button)
The Unexpected Hanging Martin Gardner @ColinTheMathmo
Genius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway Siobhan Roberts
The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus @FryRsquared
(Hannah Fry) &
Dr Thomas Oleron Evans
Beyond Infinity @DrEugeniaCheng @KellyDarkeMath
Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis Dan Rockmore @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
Measurement Paul Lockhart
The Math Behind the Music Harkleroad @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
You Can Count On Monsters Rich Schwartz @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
Pythagoras' Theorem RBA @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Life on the Infinite Farm Rich Schwartz @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
The GCHQ Puzzle Book GCHQ
Chaotic Fishponds and Mirror Universes @RichardElwes
Flatland Edwin Abbott Abbott @bmreiniger@mathstodon.xyz
Finding Moonshine Marcus du Sautoy @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities @JoatStewart
(Ian Stewart)
(Tom Button)
Four Colours Suffice Robin Wilson @MarHarStar
Euler's Gem @divbyzero
(Dave Richeson)
The Joy of X Steven @Strogatz @RobJLow
A History of Mathematics Carl B Boyer
Mathematics 1001 @RichardElwes @PaulsPrattle
Pythagoras Kitty Ferguson @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
The Penguin Dictionary of Curious And Interesting Geometry David Wells @matheknitician
The Order of Time @CarloRovelli @marian_v_o
The Maths Gene Keith Devlin @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
Winning Ways Elwyn Berlekamp, John Horton Conway, and Richard Guy @ColinTheMathmo
The Pleasures of Counting Tom Körner Adam Atkinson
AntiMatter Frank Close
Proofs from The Book Aigner and Ziegler @ColinTheMathmo
Beautiful Geometry Maor And Jost @PaulsPrattle
Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension @StandUpMaths
(Matt Parker)
Really Big Numbers Rich Schwartz @jennytrustad@mathstodon.xyz
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers Paul Hiffman @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)
A Mathematician Plays the Market @JohnAllenPaulos
e: The Story of a Number Eli Maor
How to Bake Pi @DrEugeniaCheng
The Maths of Life and Death @Kit_Yates_Maths
(Kit Yates)
Mathematician's Lament Paul Lockhart @KellyDarkeMath
You are a Mathematician David Wells @RobJLow
A good way to see the difference between
studying the discipline of mathematics
and doing mathematics.
The Mathematical Experience Philip J. Davis
and Reuben Hersh
(Tom Button)
Music of the Primes @MarcusduSautoy @johng225
Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction @wtgowers
(Tim Gowers)
How not to be wrong @JSEllenberg @RobJLow
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Douglas Hofstadter @Tomboktu
(Tom Button)
How To Solve It George Pólya @ccppurcell@mathstodon.xyz
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. Charles Seife
A Compendium of Mathematical Methods @MathsJem @Heimdayl
What is Mathematics? Courant and Robbins
50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need to Know Professor Tony Crilly @ChristianP
DIV, Grad, Curl, and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus Harry M. Schey @kimreece@mathstodon.xyz
Prelude to Mathematics W.W. Sawyer
Can You Solve My Problems @AlexBellos
This Is Your Brain On Music Daniel J. Levitin @MathsTechnology
(Tom Button)


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